My name is Josh Oakhurst. I'm the Chief Strategy Officer at Skookum Digital Works, a technology investment consultancy.

Cameras are a hobby. The A.V. Club called my short film "Petshop" an "odd little number", and I also wrote and directed this sci-fi short , "Chimera". Jalopnik did a writeup on the armored cars I built (I'm a hobby welder, too).

I'm married to the lovely Kristine Oakhurst. Watching her ride horses is a favorite pastime. Check out her novel Tall Omaha, which is basically Seabiscuit meets The Wire.

Among other muses like snowboarding, sign painting, and downhill mountain biking, I also scratch various itches on Twitter IconTwitter, Flickr IconFlickr. and LinkedIn IconLinkedIn.

If you want to say hi, shoot me an email.

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