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Still images from the Science Fiction short film Chimera by Josh Oakhurst

Forgotten Providence

Abandonded houses used in the short film Chimera


Two things happened simultaneously that brought about Chimera.

First, there were all the abandonded houses in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence was our adopted home from 2008-2010; it’s a cool city full of rad people. Ugly houses though. People kept telling us our photos looked like a movie set.

I thought they were right.

Second, I was learning how to weld. I kept thinking his new skill was going to come in handy for making a low-budget movie. By the time I found the old cop car for $200, the plan was pretty obvious.

Originally, Chimera was invisioned as a series of short films—or chapters—that when strung together would add up to a feature. This finished six minute piece is toward the end of the film; I figured it would be prudent to start with the hardest-and-most-costly-scene first. After that it would be all downhill.

Then we moved. Out of state job.

The rest of Chimera is still there—on paper, drawn out, in my head. Maybe I’ll get to the rest of the scenes someday. Maybe I’ll just have this short.

In feature form, the footage making up the scene would come together a bit different. I left out parts of the plot that only made sense if this was part of a larger whole.

What’s here was shot in two days, on location, with no permits. Good times.

Thanks for watching.

Full Credits


Writer/Director — Josh Oakhurst
Production Designer — Monica Shinn
Associate Producers – Josh Oakhurst, Kristine Oakhurst, Lizzi Weinberg, Rich Oliveira, Sway Mendez

Female Cop — Kristine Oakhurst
Male Cop — Rich Oliveira
Electrician — Zekai Akbay

Assailant 1 — Nate Nadeau
Assailant 2 — Bryan Walsh
Assailant 3 — Dean Weinberg
Assailant 4 — Roland Nadeau
Kid — Aidan Pierson

Stunt Driver – Doug Gehlmeyer
Security — Densel
Catering – Big Tony’s

Special Thanks — The Steel Yard (Clay, Nick, Brian, Dave, Curtis, Daniel & Drake)
Special Thanks — Alan, Sam & Myles